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28 May 2012 @ 11:48 pm
Okay, so, recently I've been having this thing where sometimes I post an entry, and it looks posted, but if I log out, I can't see it, even though it isn't locked (and doesn't have any icon indicating that it's locked.)

This time, something even weirder than that is happening: I just posted an entry, and I can see it, even logged out, on my computer, but I can't see it if I'm logged out on my iPad. I have checked this several times on each device. SO CONFUSED.

So if you've got a moment, I'd appreciate it if you'd go to my journal to see if you can see the entry - Fannish Psychological Testing - and if you can't, let me know. Lord knows I will need ALL THE DATA if I'm going to ask LJ support about this one.
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