20 August 2006 @ 10:35 pm
Poll: Vid Watching  
This is the counterpart to the poll I posted earlier. (It, uh, had to undergo some revisions after the results of that poll.) And this one is for anyone who has ever seen a vid.

Again, feel totally free to pimp. I'd love to get a range of responses on this one.

After this, there'll be a round of vid meta coming out, but then I swear we'll go back to fan fiction. I'm really starting to miss recommending the written word.

Poll #800594 For vid watchers.
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: None, participants: 472

Are you taking this poll?

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I click, therefore I am.
460 (100.0%)

Tell me what you've done. (With respect to vids. This is not Penthouse Letters, here.)

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I've watched vid(s).
21 (4.5%)
I've made vid(s).
0 (0.0%)
I've downloaded vid(s).
4 (0.9%)
I've attended a vid show at a con.
0 (0.0%)
I've attended Vividcon.
0 (0.0%)
I've never done any of these things with, to, for, or about vids. (In that case, um, you might want to bag the rest of the poll.)
1 (0.2%)

What else have you done? (No one can see the answers but me, and I won't be telling anyone or yelling at anyone; if it's something you shouldn't have done, we'll assume you were young and naive.)

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I've uploaded vids that aren't my own - to YSI, YouTube, wherever - for purposes of sharing them.
0 (0.0%)
I've burned vids that weren't my own to disks for backup purposes.
34 (7.3%)
I've burned vids not my own to disks to send to other fans.
3 (0.6%)
I've burned vids not my own to disks for other reasons.
1 (0.2%)
I've shown or distributed vids not my own to other fans. (Pimping, in other words.)
24 (5.2%)
I've shown or distributed vids not my own outside of fannish circles.
5 (1.1%)
I've provided direct download links to vids on someone else's server.
0 (0.0%)
I've taken clips from someone else's vid to use in my own.
1 (0.2%)
I've recommended without getting permission.
23 (5.0%)
I've never done any of these things.
60 (12.9%)

Recommending vids, in your LJ or website or wherever: have you, will you, won't you?

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I've recommended vids from time to time.
162 (35.1%)
I recommend vids pretty regularly.
7 (1.5%)
I plan to recommend vids from time to time in the future.
29 (6.3%)
I plan to recommend vids pretty regularly in the future.
0 (0.0%)
I've never recommended vids.
98 (21.2%)
I never plan to recommend vids.
11 (2.4%)

How have you gotten your hot little hands (or, okay, eyes, but that sounds weird) on vids?

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Off-clicked, saved-as from a link provided by the vidder.
24 (5.1%)
Downloaded through a free file host, like YSI or Sendspace or whatever.
0 (0.0%)
Watched on YouTube or other streaming service.
0 (0.0%)
Downloaded from a vid hosting site, like Farscape Fantasy or AMV.org
1 (0.2%)
By mail from the vidder (or a consortium thereof).
1 (0.2%)
At cons.
0 (0.0%)
From people other than the vidder. (Like, you watched it on a friend's laptop, or a friend uploaded it privately for you.)
2 (0.4%)
I am too original to be encompassed by mere check boxes; only a text box can satisfy me.
0 (0.0%)

So. How have you gotten your highly original hands, eyes, or other bodily parts on vids? (Keep it clean. If possible.)

Will anything totally keep you from getting or watching a vid?

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I won't download vids only available through free file hosts
0 (0.0%)
I won't download vids only available through a specific free file host. (Example: you'll download from YSI but not MegaUpload.)
1 (0.2%)
I won't download vids that are on password-protected sites, even if the password is readily available.
0 (0.0%)
I won't download vids that are on password-protected sites if I have to email the vidder to get the password.
5 (1.1%)
I won't download vids that are over a certain file size.
4 (0.9%)
I won't download vids that are under a certain file size.
1 (0.2%)
I won't download vids that are in certain formats. (Examples: .wmv, .avi, .mpg)
2 (0.5%)
I won't send away for vids by mail if they're only available on CD/DVD.
48 (10.9%)
I won't download vids with grammar or spelling mistakes in the summary.
0 (0.0%)
I won't download a vid if there's not enough information.
6 (1.4%)
I won't download vids with crappy images/teaser picture.
3 (0.7%)
I won't download vids that require too many clicks to get to. (From the announcement to the private LJ to the website to the vid page, for example.)
3 (0.7%)
When it comes to answering this question, my needs can only be encompassed by a text box.
12 (2.7%)

I'm here to meet your needs. What else will keep you from downloading a vid?

What's the largest vid you'll download? (This is normal-length vids only - no longer than ten minutes, say.)

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Smaller than 5 MB.
2 (0.4%)
5 MB
2 (0.4%)
10 MB
0 (0.0%)
15 MB
5 (1.1%)
25 MB
11 (2.4%)
35 MB
25 (5.6%)
50 MB
58 (12.9%)
75 MB
55 (12.2%)
100 MB
49 (10.9%)
150 MB
15 (3.3%)
200 MB
7 (1.6%)
There's no limit; I will download the largest size offered, no matter how big that is.
221 (49.1%)

What's the smallest vid you'll download? (Normal length vid - say, no smaller than 2 minutes.)

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There's no lower limit; I'll download the smallest size offered, no matter how small that is.
223 (53.3%)
2 MB
38 (9.1%)
5 MB
56 (13.4%)
8 MB
43 (10.3%)
12 MB
35 (8.4%)
16 MB
5 (1.2%)
20 MB
10 (2.4%)
Larger than 20 MB.
8 (1.9%)

If you feel like it, recommend a vid to me. (Please, please, please?)

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tried to eat the safe banana: TFV bluethefourthvine on August 21st, 2006 10:47 am (UTC)
As I said to kalpurna, I worded that question badly. (I also left out "I won't watch streaming vids" from another question - not my best poll ever, I don't think.)

When I said "nonfan," I meant, "person or group of people who might not get it and whose behavior you cannot vouch for." Basically, I'm talking about people who might, out of enthusiasm or innocence or whatever, do something seriously stupid that would get the vid into the hands of the Empire. (RIAA, MPAA, copyright holders, Darth Vader, etc.) Or people you don't know well enough to be sure that they wouldn't.

Showing a friend a vid is, I think, not quite the same - it's more like showing it to a fan. Particularly if the person loves the source already.
cathexyscathexys on August 23rd, 2006 12:20 am (UTC)
oh, ok...i got that one wrong too then.

i've shownb vids to my family to explain fandom (easier than making them read fic) and I've shared it with academic friends interested in the topic.

As for burning for fans...I burnt a lot of SGA last summer for folks and tended to include a few of my favorite vids as well...I always have vidder name in the title, however, and all of them are pretty easily trackable for feedback. Plus I have a *real* issue with sharing from password protected sites and won't even do that with bestest friends!
tried to eat the safe banana: Batgirl in glassesthefourthvine on August 23rd, 2006 07:47 am (UTC)
In my opinion, all of that is perfectly okay. (Although the academics - well, I'm sure you know the difference between colleagues and friends, but just to make my opinion clear, here: colleagues who are interested from an academic standpoint are a bit different than friends - it's the outsider v. insider (or potential insider/partial insider) perspective. I think what's behind a lot of this "don't pass it around" stuff is fear of harmfully clueless or malevolent eyes, so the true divide is between sharing with confirmed or partial insiders and sharing with probable outsiders.)

Of course, I am not a vidder, and fannish etiquette is like water in this area - always present, always changing, seen differently by everyone. So all acronymish disclaimers apply.