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14 March 2004 @ 05:20 am
Slashy Nominations 3: Watch out, That First Step's a Doozy  
The first installment of an estimated 11 million in the fine and fertile field of first-time fics. (No, the alliteration wasn't intentional. But I refuse to fix it.)

Best First Time That Takes More Than One Fic Just to Be Finished: Westering and its sequel Midwinter, by Gloria Mundi. Lord of the Rings, Aragorn/Boromir. Gloria shows us that J. R. R. isn't the only master of adjectives and description. Frankly, I like what she does with her talent better than what he did. (Yes, I know, that's a sacrilege and an admission of the evil in my soul, all that. The lynch mob will be forming just to the left of the flaming line.)

Best First Time That Induces Moral Decay in All Who Behold It: Only This, by Janette Le Fey. Real Person Slash, Rupert Brooke/Siegfried Sassoon. I came into fan fiction with very few limits as far as content went. One of them was no RPS – not because I think it's wrong or evil or what have you. I was just slightly skeeved out about reading stories featuring real people's names on fictional creations. I was proud of that limit. It showed that I had some small non-perverted corner of my soul. And then I discovered historical slash, featuring poets whose work I love, and, whoops, another taboo bit the dust. This is the story that did it. I suppose I could still revel in my unwillingness to read RPS about living people, but that seems like a slender reed, frankly.

Best First Time That Rewrites a Canon Ending and Makes It Stick: Black & White, by Your Cruise Director. L.A. Confidential, Bud White/Ed Exley. This story is right in line with the movie canon, so it's gritty. I like that, myself. Just think of it as a palate clearer – a little something sour and rough between desserts. For me, the ending of the movie was never as satisfying as the rest of it – it just didn't seem quite right, somehow. This one does.

Best First Time Involving a Blindfold: Origin, by Resonant and Kass. The Sentinel, Jim/Blair. I knew, doing this topic, that I'd have to include one Sentinel first-timer, because that's pretty much the defining story of the fandom. The problem was to narrow it down to one; there were so many great stories to choose from. I finally went with "Origin" because it involves the senses, which are important in this fandom, and uses them in an original way. Also, there's a blindfold. Who doesn't love a blindfold?

Best Realistic Sex First Time: Reverie, by Your Cruise Director, who seems to have a way with first times. Master & Commander (the movie, not the book universe), Aubrey/Maturin. As with Sentinel, so with Master & Commander; this is another fandom where the classic story type is the first-timer. And because of that, there's five noms here instead of the four I try to limit myself to; I just couldn't cut another story from this list. "Reverie" gets the "best realistic sex" label because, let's face it, anal sex is not a major feature of most first times, especially when both partners have no prior experience with the act. This is a lot more like what people really do, and all the better for it.
(Anonymous) on March 15th, 2004 08:22 am (UTC)
I love your category names!

tried to eat the safe bananathefourthvine on March 16th, 2004 09:33 am (UTC)
Thanks, Raksha.

Wait, are you anonymous because you don't have a livejournal yet? Join the LJ cult. The cult wants you. And you want it, you know you do. (If I succumbed on this one, I'm going to do my best to make sure no one else escapes. We must all have livejournals forthwith!)
Furiusfurius on December 16th, 2004 01:09 am (UTC)
Moral decay or not, Rupert Brooke slashes himself, so to speak (his friends helped). There's this nice explicit incident in a letter of his. Read it while you're in bed with a fever and there shall be..interesting dreams...
istima on May 18th, 2005 11:18 pm (UTC)
Alternate link to Your Cruise Director's 'Reverie' and 'Spider-bite'
Hi (waves) I love your recs. They're delightfully full of *fun* and always get me in the mood to enjoy the story. I've only recently found the way to here (through norah here) and so happy that there are lots and lots of recs for me to go through.

I love Master and Commander stories and found that cruisedirector friendslocked her stories. Therefore I was very sad (grin), until I found her website through google. Nearly all her Master and Commander stories are there, I think. Anyway, here are Reverie and Spider-bite.