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09 May 2011 @ 12:31 pm
[Poll] Housekeeping  
Recently, I've realized that I'm not sure where people are anymore. Also, there are apparently people not on the earthling filter who wish to be. Obviously, it is time for some housekeeping. (I know, I know, you can hardly contain your joy. I will wait while you breathe deeply and attempt to stop waving your hands in the air and screaming, "YAAAAAY!")

So. If you're posting on DW, I'd rather read you over there, for ease of access and so on; if you're over there, this would be the poll to take. If you're only posting on LJ, I still want to read you, though - please take this poll to let me know you're over here!

Also, whether you read primarily at DW or primarily at LJ, you can be on the LJ earthling filter. (The earthling filter is where I talk about my awesome kid. There are monthly posts with pictures. It's opt-in so people don't have to hear about his amazingness unless they want to.) If you can't see this earthling-related post, and you'd like to, now is your time to ticky!

Poll #1739686 LJ housekeeping poll

Where are you reading me?

On LJ.
On DW.
On both.
I'm not.
Elsewhere! (Feeds. Skywriting. Telepathy. Whatever.)

Where should I read you?

On LJ.
On DW.
On both.
On neither.

Are you not on the LJ earthling filter but would like to be? (If you can see this post, you don't need to click anything for this one.)

(Deleted comment)
the pirate queen of norwayashkitty on May 9th, 2011 07:54 pm (UTC)
(I actually prefer the *idea* of DW, but am hanging around here for practical reasons.

You're not alone. ;)
Stasiastasia on May 9th, 2011 08:33 pm (UTC)
Nope. Not at all.


all fur coat and no knickerstwincy on May 9th, 2011 08:07 pm (UTC)
Ignore previous (now deleted) comment. I figured it out all on my own. *proudface*
SaffronHare: curly heartsaffronhare on May 9th, 2011 08:08 pm (UTC)
I responded "neither" for where you should read me, because I don't figure there's much of interest for you to read...and I'm allergic to the word "should" these days. My username is the same in both places. Read or not, as you like. :)

And here's an early Happy Birthday to the Earthling!
A pink plastic crypt that fits in your palmfiveforsilver on May 9th, 2011 08:35 pm (UTC)
I agree, I don't imagine my journal is of much interest either, but it's here if you want.
Keswindhoverkeswindhover on May 9th, 2011 08:18 pm (UTC)
I like short, pithy polls. Three clicks and I feel I've achieved something.

*stretches, fetches beer from fridge*
Stasiastasia on May 9th, 2011 08:35 pm (UTC)
Man, I wanted to check the I am reading you Elsewhere button, because, hey, skywriting!!

Anyway. I mostly use LJ because most of my friends are here. I'm going to start crossposting from DW, I think, because I like the idea of having my journal backed up in that way. However, I can't move to DW entirely, as I have many non-fen friends and it seems like the people who moved to DW are all fen.

So, I don't know where you should read me. I assume you're not reading me, honestly. No harm, no foul.

Proactively Untwist Octagonal Hippopotamus Pants: ratatouille - passionate literacydramaturgca on May 9th, 2011 08:52 pm (UTC)
Respond to my PM, I wish to see you and the Earthling! I promise to give him BOOKS!
Lurk lurk lurkety lurk: Loitering with intentlesadoreyl on May 9th, 2011 09:44 pm (UTC)
I don't comment much, but I enjoy reading you and the discussions your Earthling posts get both on LJ and DW. :)
Katie M.katie_m on May 9th, 2011 10:20 pm (UTC)
I would like to be filtered in on the Earthling filter on DW, though, if it's not too much trouble. I'm katie_m over there, too.
starfishchick on May 10th, 2011 12:29 am (UTC)
I read you on LJ but I read the comments here and on DW as well.
boogieshoesboogieshoes on May 10th, 2011 12:57 am (UTC)
i'm also on DW under the same name, and presumably, some day i might actually be active there.... but it hasn't happened yet. too many flisters are active only on LJ right now, so it's more practical for me to stay here. i don't know if you actually read what i write, but if you wonder what i'm up to on occasion, LJ is the better part of valour, so to speak.

Sunspotsunspot67 on May 10th, 2011 03:03 am (UTC)
Er, I put "both" for the where to read me answer (here and on DW) but it could as easily be "either" (or neither, if you're so inclined, although I would be thrilled to think of you reading my stories). Lj is my default since I know more folks here, but I do pop over to DW to read the comments to your posts there as well. I really enjoy being on the earthling filter here and would like to be on it at DW as well.
Olna Jenndormouse_in_tea on May 10th, 2011 03:11 am (UTC)
I don't comment on DW side, because I'm not on DW, only on openID and honestly it pisses me off. But I read you both places, or more specifically I read your COMMENTS both places, because my voyeurism knows no bounds.


...no, I think I have to let that stand. *facepalms*

(to that end, if you have a moment and are willing, I'd love for my open ID to be added to the DW Earthling filter...I can't see the comments there. SADNESS AND WOE.)

Edited at 2011-05-10 03:14 am (UTC)
lynnmonsterlynnmonster on May 10th, 2011 04:26 am (UTC)
FYI - I try to crosspost but sometimes I post only to LJ. The reverse has not yet happened.
Paceuspaceus on May 10th, 2011 04:43 am (UTC)
I answered that you should read me "on both" but what I really meant was "either" because I crosspost. You don't have to read me on both... :)
mlyn on May 10th, 2011 04:48 am (UTC)
I didn't realize you were on DW; I'll remove you from my LJ friendslist and follow you there. No need to add me to the Earthling filter.
Meret: portraitdrawingmeret on May 10th, 2011 12:34 pm (UTC)
I cross post so you can read me on either site, but since most of the people I read are still on LJ that's where I read from.
T Veranot_verano on May 10th, 2011 02:04 pm (UTC)
I clicked that I read you on both, but in truth I mostly look at LJ, not DW.

More important truth: even though I hardly ever comment, reading the earthling posts (Happy Birthday to him very soon!) and your other posts is a significant joy, for which I should (at least occasionally) say thank you.

Thank you!
delectable tea, or deadly poison?genarti on May 13th, 2011 12:29 am (UTC)
I put "on both," but what I really mean is "on either"; I post infrequently, but when I do I crosspost. (This is a fairly recent development, because I took ages to get around to setting up crossposting. Apparently I am just that lazy.) I do nearly all my reading on LJ still, though.
anotherslashfan on May 13th, 2011 10:41 am (UTC)
Hi:) Just so you know: Since you've apparently fully arrived at DW, I'm removing you from my list here... of course I'll still be reading you at DW.
sofi_skoog on May 15th, 2011 03:08 pm (UTC)
Hope you don't mind me friending you, just got an lj and is ecstatic to finaly be able to se if people post. ;)
Queen of Peacocks: Master (Simm)lizblackdog on May 17th, 2011 08:59 pm (UTC)
I've got a Dreamwidth, but my LJ is a permanent paid account and my DW is a freebie basic, so LJ is always going to be my primary one. I import my LJ onto DW whenever I remember, but sometimes that's weeks after I post something.

then again I don't post much lately except about my dogs or whining about being sick, so yeah.
plus one skeletondelurker on May 20th, 2011 11:29 am (UTC)
"On both" is actually "On either, because I am tentatively declaring that I will remember to crosspost". \o?
sharon79sharon79 on May 22nd, 2011 07:17 pm (UTC)
Earthling filter
I would love to read the Earthling posts on LJ, please?
Leni Jess: Light reading (art by Edmund Gorey)leni_jess on June 9th, 2011 11:41 pm (UTC)
I decided it was about time I friended you (I read your posts in bunches, and it was getting a bit silly not to have you on my friendslist), because you're always interesting.

I should like to be on the earthling filter; the posts I've read about him have also been interesting. (I'm not a mother, but I always read certain people's posts about their children, because they're such a good read, and one gets involved, y'know?)

I crosspost, but I read on LJ, only going to DW when linked there or following up a really rivetting discussion. LJ, after all, gets a lot more traffic still. But if you could put me on the DW list (and earthling filter) I'd be pleased, so I can follow up when so moved.

Don't feel any obligation to read my journal - it's pretty dull, except - possibly - for the very occasional piece of HP fanfiction.

Leni Jess
tacit: team lovetacittype on September 25th, 2011 01:59 pm (UTC)
I was on the earthling filter, I'm pretty sure! It was working just before I went on holiday at the start of the month, anyway. But now I don't seem to be. Can you help a girl out? I have a craving for a cute and happy place. :)
tried to eat the safe banana: Earthling black and whitethefourthvine on September 25th, 2011 04:14 pm (UTC)
I have no idea why you'd be off the earthling filter, because I definitely didn't change anything in the last, um, six months at least. And I have never unfriended anyone who is on the filter. But you are back on now! And I am giving LJ a squinty look, because - how did that HAPPEN?