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For reasons that do not need exploring at this juncture, I am a Giant Ball of Anxiety.[1] I am actually considering renaming myself that (GBA for short, I guess, although I do realize that that is not the ideal acronym). I cannot sleep without having the worst anxiety dreams I've had in years, and that's assuming I get to sleep, which mostly I don't; I just stare at the clock and think anxious thoughts. My skin is breaking out! I am covered in hives! I keep walking into things! If this keeps up, by the time I get to Vividcon, I will be fit for nothing but crying in my hotel room for three days. I, um, really don't want to spend three days crying in a hotel room. For the record. I mean, I could cry at home much more cheaply; there's no point in going to Chicago for that. So I have decided it is time to make some posts designed to distract me and, with luck, reduce the possibility that I will have to ask for an extremely late change to my badge name. ("If 'GBA' doesn't work for you, you could always call me Inappropriate Hysterics!")

The first such post went smashingly. I thank you all. I now know much more about classic beauty. I've also learned that if Gina Torres and Audrey Hepburn were, through the miracle of - time traveling lesbian reproduction magicians? Look, I think this is the kind of thing that doesn't need a reason - to have a child, it would be the most classically gorgeous person of all time. I think someone needs to get right on making that happen.

So. We have done photos! Clearly it is time for MUSIC. And also POLLS, as those are the traditional, time-honored distraction techniques of people too distressed to provide actual content.

This is a poll for people who have music playing devices or programs. I am hoping that's most of you. There are some, you know, questions and things, but there is also a Bonus Content Option that I am really really hoping a lot of you take, because nothing is more distracting than new music.

So, to start things off in the Bonus Content arena: the most played song on my iTunes is Roscoe, by Midlake, which I have played 513 times. (Obviously, this is a hate-free zone. If you think it sucks, don't tell me. Instead, post your most played song. I bet it is far, far better than mine. Cooler. More classic. Whatever.)

And the song I am most obsessed with at the moment is The Chaconne, by Dessa.

Now, tell me yours! (People not taking the poll are still entirely invited to post their most played and current obsession songs in the comments, by the way. Encouraged. Begged. Whatever.) And also about your music. (And join with me in lamenting that there's no numerical entry poll option that would do averages and means and so on but not require scales.)

[1] Okay, I know at least some of you are going to want to know, so: it's mostly to do with Leaving My Baby for the First Time Ever. Also imperfect traveling arrangements. And OMG SOCIAL TIME fear. But mostly Leaving My Baby, who is actually three and will be at home with his mommy and perfectly fine, no matter what my dreams persist in suggesting.

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