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Days of Love 6

Genderbent Sherlock, by naive_wanderer and Genderbent Sherlock Cosplay, by shizayats (and friend!). Sherlock BBC.

I have had the original art on my to-recommend list since naive_wanderer posted it. And then I saw the cosplay version of it and my head exploded. (I assume you've already seen this, because I think everyone in fandom has at this point, but if you haven't: be prepared for head explosions.)

Because, okay, I love this version of Sherlock and John. I love picturing this Sherlock sulking on the couch and wandering around wrapped in only a sheet. I love picturing this John shooting someone on Sherlock's behalf. And I would totally watch a show these two. (I mean, to the extent that I watch any show about anyone, of course.) But I never expected I'd actually get to see anything more than the art, because - uh, let's just say that while the world seems to be in love with Holmes remixes right now, I don't think "girl Holmes" is going to be something any studio executives anywhere get behind. (Because - I guess humans don't like girls?)

And then I got to see more. The cosplay is so amazingly good it actually made me gasp out loud the first time I saw it. That's Sherlock! And John! They're real! And living over in Russia, apparently! (The Russian text, as far as I know, is just explaining that those two women saw the fanart and went, "...Hey, that's us!" And then proved it. But if anyone out there can read the Russian and let me know if that's right, I would appreciate it.) I go back to look at this all the time, because it allows me to fall into kind of a dream where these are, you know, early sneak-peak photos for a series that is coming this fall. And also because it is fantastic.

So I recommend this one if you like Sherlock. (I do!) And I recommend this if you've never even seen Sherlock. (It's pretty awesome.) Basically, I just cannot imagine how looking at this could fail to make you deeply happy. In fact, I am going to stop writing this and go back and look at it some more, because every time I do, the overall happiness quotient of the planet increases. It makes me just that happy.

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