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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Author Person,

We matched! So, hey, here's some good news: three of my four requests this year are five minute fandoms - you can master all three of them in the time it takes to eat a sandwich. I hope that is a joy and a comfort to you, especially if we matched on the fourth request, which is, um, slightly more complicated.

I am, as always, going to provide you with all the details, because that's what I always hope to get from my recipient. But if that's not you, please tap out of this letter now. Just know that I really, really cannot handle child or animal harm or death, and I love you for volunteering for one of my tiny fandoms. See you on the 25th!


I love so many things, Yuletide author. Here is a small sample:
  • Happy endings. (Um, I mean of the happily ever after kind. Although I am also a big fan of orgasms, not gonna lie.)
  • Humor.
  • Stories that earn their payoff.
  • Slow build romances and slow build sex scenes.
  • Action and adventure.
  • Snappy dialogue.
  • Classic fan fiction tropes.
Sadly, I also have some squicks:
  • Animal and child harm or death. These are my deal-breaker squicks; I can't handle them at all.
  • Embarrassment and humiliation.
  • Misogyny, sexism, the abuse of women.
  • Incest.
  • Sex involving children (by which I mean people under 13ish) in any way).
So that's the general stuff. Let's talk fandoms. I'm including the complete text of my requests for each fandom in italics, in case you - whatever. Need that in some way, I guess?

This Is Where It Starts (Ben Watkins/Meng Ling)

Slashy basketball players of the future: it's like this commercial was made for a focus group consisting entirely of me. I love the glimpses we get in it of Ling and Ben growing up, of course, how much they have in common. I love the moments of intense rivalry and the other moments of equally intense connection. And I love the tiny but fascinating hints about the future we get from the commercial. But let's be real: what I love most is Ling and Ben's relationship. I have not seen eyefucking of this quality and intensity in years. So mostly I am hoping for a story that takes that rivalry to a relationship. If you're feeling slashy, then that relationship can be filled with lust and sexual tension and, in the fullness of time, bodily fluids and eternal togetherness. If you're feeling genish, then that relationship can be filled with tension that resolves in some other way! Whichever way, the key for me here is Ling + Ben = ONE TRUE RIVALRY OF THE FUTURE.

I saw This Is Where It Starts and knew it had to be a Yuletide fandom, because - okay. For a commercial, this tells a remarkably complete story about Meng Ling and Ben Watkins growing up and working hard and competing and getting each other and becoming rivals, and then for some mysterious reason it cuts off just before they fuck for the first time. So basically it's a really amazing commercial, but I want more. Yuletide time!

And because I posted excitedly (and accidentally) about this, and lots of people shared my excitement, I have a resource for you, author o' mine (or author not actually mine but wandering past and feeling suddenly inspired to write about future basketball players locking eyes from across a court). Check out this amazing comment by [ profile] helens78. It's about the rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, two people I know nothing about except that they played professional basketball a while back and were apparently seriously weird about each other. So, you know, as useful background for how basketball rivals get, there you go.

Beyond that, just - the relationship is RIGHT THERE. I just want MORE. More, please! With, you know, a happily ever after for all involved, because these are clearly quality dudes who deserve the best life has to offer.

CinderFella - Todrick Hall

Prince Charming/Cinderfella and their glorious future together, complete with evil fairies at the christening of their heir (I mean, seriously, can you imagine what christening curses look like in this world?)! Or the Fairy Godmother on her days off! Or Jasmine, getting it on with the princess(es) of her choice! Or pick a totally different character than the ones I have listed; you can write about anyone from the video and I will be filled with joy. What's the deal with the three wallflower princes? Where did Tarzan get his degree in alternative family law, and who does he eventually hook up with? Or, hell, make up characters (or port ones in from other fairy tales or Disney movies) and do some worldbuilding; that would likewise be awesome. I love the video because it's gorgeous and funny and delightful, because it queers the fuck out of the traditional fairy tale narrative, because it sincerely believes in happy endings for everyone, and because it's fabulous. Write with any of those features in mind, and you will make me a very happy Yuletide recipient.

Okay, I talk to a certain extent about CinderFella in my pre-Yuletide pimping post, and by "a certain extent" I mean "a ridiculous amount." Plus, you know, all blather in the prompt itself. I'm not sure there's more for me to say. Fairy tales! Disney! Queerness! Joy! Dancing! Lone giant epaulettes! THERE YOU GO. Now go follow your bliss to wherever it leads, as this video clearly advocates, and I will revel in the result on December 25th.

Space Girl, by the Imagined Village (Space Girl, Servo Robot Rocket Pilot)

If you're feeling shippy, I would love to read about the romance of space girl and the servo robot rocket pilot and how it turns out he was her superman all along. (I just can't not ship them. The romantic adventurer, blaster in hand, and the servo robot rocket pilot with the heart of gold!) If you're feeling genish, anything about space girl's adventures would be awesome. (And in this one, the servo robot rocket pilot is totally optional; I prefer absent robots to sad robots.) Either way, I am hoping for the adventures of a kickass lady through time, space, and parallel dimensions. Feel free to go retro or realistic or campy or however you want to approach this. The universe is yours!

Space Girl, was, as far as I can tell, made for me. I don't know the Imagined Village, so I'm not sure how they managed this, but - is there another person out there this song might appeal to more? I really cannot for the life of me see how. (Although, hey, if you know that person, introduce me.) It's the tale of a wayward girl who becomes a kickass space adventurer with her very own blaster! And she hooks up with a robot. (I mean, okay, I guess technically in the song she doesn't stay with him, but in my heart she finally realizes it was true love all along, and they go off to have more adventures together, hand in metal hand. I'm a romantic that way.) This is the best song in the world, basically.

One thing I should probably say: though I linked to the music video, and although that video is adorable, I'm not all that interested in fan fiction for it. The story of the song is way better than the one in the video. (If you want a version of it without the music video, there's a live version up on YouTube, and although I know nothing about the lead singer of this band, I will love her forever for singing the hell out of a science fiction torch song while very pregnant. She is clearly a box of awesome.)

So basically I really think the prompt says it all. I love this song for being fun and lighthearted and sex-positive, and I also love it every bit as much for putting a real actual lady into a classic SF narrative. Ladies can adventure through space and hook up with hot robots, too! And that is basically my entire hope for a story from this.

Literary RPF (Charles Baudelaire)

I recycle this one every year; the only thing that ever changes is the category where Baudelaire is located. So this is copied entirely from Yuletide letters past.

I'd love to see a story in which the things Baudelaire describes in his poetry are real - where he's surrounded by vampires and demons and tormented by things other people can't see. If you want to go to a crossover place, Angelus/Baudelaire would be lovely, but truly, any Baudelaire story would be extremely welcome. (Baudelaire/Duval would be insanely awesome.) Realistic setting and place is important to me. I guess you could say my ideal here is: Paris! But with demons!

There's a reason why I always put this request fourth: it's - weird. Or maybe I am. But still. I love Charles Baudelaire so much, and I find the world he describes in his poetry so fascinating, and I would love to see a story about him, especially if it's set in the world his poetry describes. (If you're wondering about the origins of the Angelus/Baudelaire thing, it's the episode "She" from the first season of Angel. I just think Angelus having been around could explain everything about Baudelaire, that's all. And Angel makes it clear they knew each other, so...)

I have no single favorite translation of his works; I think most of the translators rocked some of the poems and totally lost it on others, so I kind of pick and choose. However, in case you're unaware of it, there is an awesome resource for Baudelaire's poetry online: You can find translations of all the poems there, and there's at least one good one for almost all of them. I whole-heartedly recommend it.

(Oh, and I should note: I don't speak French. I know, I know, I'm totally pathetic, reading Baudelaire in translation. I own it. My point is - a realistic, period Paris background is desirable; I've done enough reading about Baudelaire that I would love that. But realistic language would be kind of a problem, since, you know, I couldn't read it.)

And, well - in general I love lighter, happier stories with happy endings. I crave the happy! Except here. Baudelaire's story is not happy, and neither is his ending, and I would in no way want you to change that. Go to town - go for creepy, go for tragic, go for crazy. Whatever you feel works. (Just, I know with Baudelaire it's tempting, but if you could try hard not to hurt animals or children, that would be awesome. Feel free to abuse Baudelaire all you want, of course.) I will read with gratitude and wonder, and I will fully appreciate it, because Baudelaire's story is totally a lush, insane tragedy.

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