tried to eat the safe banana (thefourthvine) wrote,
tried to eat the safe banana

Slashy Nominations 4: Pushing My Limits

You know, really, I shouldn't be reading fan fiction at all. I have a weak stomach for nearly everything that fan fiction is about. But FF's all about trying something new from time to time, right? So these are the stories that have pushed my boundaries the most recently.

Best Embarrassing FF: Major Crimes, Part One, by Merry. Sentinel, Jim/Blair. I think I've mentioned before that the Sentinel slashers like to put their guys in embarrassing situations; right here's your proof. This one – this is right at my limit for embarrassment, which, granted, is notoriously weak. Actually, this story is slightly over the line; I lost my ability to proofread for about three pages because of sympathetic blushing. Fortunately, Sentinel slashers being what they are, the situation is resolved without eighteen Victorian novels' worth of anguish and silent weeping.

Best Sad FF: These Things Do Not Remember You, by Gwyneth Rhys. The Professionals, Doyle/Bodie. Bodie and Doyle went everywhere together, but now Bodie's left Doyle behind. This is not silent weeping-type angst; it's loss and sadness, and I have a shockingly low tolerance for that. Maybe it's 'cause angst is something you to do yourself, but sadness is something that happens to you. Something no one can avoid. Anyway, this one's at my limit and a little beyond.

Best Sweet FF: Spider-Bite, by Your Cruise Director and Ashinae. Master & Commander, Aubrey/Maturin. Sugar is built in to the Master & Commander canon, particularly the book canon, and particularly the Aubrey/Maturin relationship (and I'm talking about the canon relationship, here). So every story comes with a built-in sweetness, and then the author adds another heaping teaspoon, and I do love it – it's nice to see Jack and Stephen finally getting what they deserve – but I can only take so much of it. This hits my limit perfectly, with no room to spare.

Best FF That Could, Frankly, Use a Proofread or Two: Skinsgame, by Barb G. Sentinel, and I don't even know why I bother stating the pairing for this fandom, but it's Jim/Blair. There's plot here! I mean, you know, a story that's more than just an excuse for getting the characters into bed! That's fairly unusual for this fandom, which is why I read it all the way to the end even though my fingers itched to fix the spellchecker errors, typos, and occasional grammatical weirdness.
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