March 8th, 2006

UF black and white

Say, Baby, Do You Want a...Postcard?

I recently became the proud possessor of a lot of assorted postcards - some gorgeous, some weird, some frankly hideous. (Look. We all have our weaknesses, and mine basically mean that you shouldn't ever, ever leave me alone with anything to do with paper. A stationery sale is like crack to me.) And, see, there's no real point in having postcards if you don't, you know, put them in the post.

So, do you want a postcard from me?

If your answer is, "Yes, TFV! It has long been one of my dreams to receive mail from you!" fill out the handy poll below (no one can see your responses but me), and make sure you tell me whether or not I can mention LJ or fandom on the card. (It will still be signed TFV, though. Keep that in mind.) And, okay. I don't want to friends lock this, but on the other hand, I only have so many postcards. It's unlikely that there will be more responses to this poll than there are cards for me to mail - I have lots - but just in case, know that I can't guarantee you will get a postcard. I think the odds are very good, though.

So. Give me a reason to interact with postal employees, people. Give me a reason to get to the post office and send all these packages I have waiting to go out. In short, give me your name (or a name) and address. (And especially do that if you were one of the lovely people who sent me a holiday card; I'd like to send some mailish love in the other direction for once.)

ETA: What, you guys thought I was kidding about the lots and lots of postcards? Because there are comments suggesting that I probably don't actually have, say, 90 or 100 to send out, simply because sane people don't buy that many postcards. So let me acquaint you with three quick facts:
  1. I am not sane when it comes to stationery. Seriously. This is not some minor, heroin-level habit I have here.
  2. This poll has not, as of this edit, hit the number of postcards I originally ordered.
  3. I, um. I ordered more. It was totally an accident; I was just looking, and then I fainted from postcard deprivation, and somehow I managed to enter my credit card number and click send with my nose while I was unconscious. And...and...and, look, let's not talk about my shame anymore.
My point is: I've still got postcards. Judging by my shopping habits, I pretty much always will.

Do you want to be a part of this mad postcard scheme? (Please check this so I can easily keep track of how many people have answered.)

Yes. It's a crazy idea, but it just might work!

The name you want the postcard sent to:

The address you want the postcard sent to:

More address space if you need it:

Should the text of the postcard be totally fandom-free? (Remember, anyone can read a postcard.)

I don't want bored postal employees to know about the sordid things I've done with military men, crimefighters, underage magicians, and other assorted sweet, sweet things.
Go crazy with the fandom references and LJ names. I'm happy to share my love with the world and the post office!