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21 October 2004 @ 11:04 pm
Poll: When fan fiction meets real life, what happens?  
In America at this time of year, we get extremely used to answering invasive questions from total strangers. So I thought I'd conduct a poll that could yield potentially interesting results.

Basically, I'm curious about how you handle the interaction between your real life and your fan life; as someone who just recently invited a real-life, pre-fandom friend to view this rather fannish LJ, I find this a topic of relevance right now. And it's sure less depressing than all the political polls I've been reading.

Poll #370787 When fan fiction meets real life, what happens?


Male, or mostly male.
Female, or mostly female.
Other (elaborate in the comments, if you feel like it).
I'd really rather not say.

What's your sexual preference?

Bisexual, but mostly on the straight side.
Bisexual, but mostly on the gay side.
I refuse to choose. Or maybe I just refuse to tell you.
Other (elaborate in the comments, if you feel like it).

What's your most serious current relationship?

I'm single.
Dating, but not serious.
Dating. Seriously.
Living with someone, married, committed for all eternity, etc.
Ending a relationship. Thanks so much for bringing that up.
Other (please elaborate in the comments).

If you've got a Someone Special, does that person know you're into fan fiction, slash, etc.?

Yes. The whole deal - the smut, the perversion, the orgies.
Yes, in a general way, but not so much with the cocks and so on.
Yes, but we never speak of it.
God, I hope not. But he or she might suspect.
No, but I'm considering telling him or her.
No, and he or she will find out over my dead body, and with luck not then.
Other (please elaborate in comments).

Does anyone in your real life (besides that Someone Special, if applicable) know about this fan fiction/slash/smut thing?

Yes. Every single person I know: family, friends, religious officials, and the tax authorities.
Yes, most people, but there's at least one person I hope to god will never find out.
Yes, at least one relative.
Yes, at least one friend.
Yes, at least one co-worker.
Yes, my therapist or religious official or other spiritual, psychological, or moral authority.
No. I believe in separation of life and smut.
Other (please elaborate in comments).

If you've told someone from your real life about this whole fan fiction/slash/smut thing, how did he or she take it?

Actually, I found out he or she is also into this.
Very well. In fact, I made a convert.
Very well. Cheerful and interested acceptance.
Fairly well. Some temporary geechiness, but now he or she is totally fine with it.
So-so. Not as bad as it could have been, but not as good as I'd hoped.
Not so well. We pretend I never mentioned it, or otherwise avoid the topic.
Not so well. There was some arguing.
Badly. There was serious arguing.
Really badly. Let's just say that person and I don't speak much anymore.
Other (please elaborate in comments).
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tried to eat the safe banana: Lostthefourthvine on October 22nd, 2004 03:07 pm (UTC)
First of all, I'd like to note that I clicked the "Male, or most male" dot for gender, while I am biologically female.

I tried to construct the "gender" choices so that there'd be something for everyone, and I wanted respondents to pick whichever one seemed right. Did those choices work for you?

(And thanks for letting me know.)

And secondly, no one in my life knows that I ever read fanfiction let alone smut, and certainly not slash. Homophobic family. Erg.

Yeek. That's sincerely yucky for you. That must suck to have to deal with. Do you have supportive friends, I hope?
cyanei on October 22nd, 2004 03:16 pm (UTC)
Did those choices work for you?

Yep. Pretty clear-cut, I think.

And, well, I have support, but most of it is internetish. Since I'm girl-shaped and I date men, it's never really come up with real-type friends. My mom knows, but she doesn't believe me: apparently painting ones fingernails makes one irrevocably female. ( ;
tried to eat the safe banana: Elektra is angrythefourthvine on October 22nd, 2004 03:31 pm (UTC)
*eyes fingernails with worry*

So what does having perpetually unpolished fingernails make one? Why did no one tell me that my gender was decided by the color of my nails? I like being a girl! I don't want to have to be a boy just because I think fingernail polish feels weird! (Nor do I want to have to start painting my nails, because, lord, that's a disaster a person can only experience so many times before giving up altogether. I'm not *coordinated* enough to have polished fingernails; this is a proven fact.)

OK, panic attack (and inappropriate humor) over. But, lord, your mother's gender standards are...interesting. As I'm sure you knew. (Also, I always wonder why people don't believe statements like that. Why in god's name would you go out of your way to tell someone who is evidently quite likely to be unsupportive if it wasn't true?)
cyanei on October 22nd, 2004 04:36 pm (UTC)
Well, I can actually sort of see where she's coming from; I'm sure I appear very girly to most people. But it's hard to explain that I'm not a girly girl, I'm a girly boy. And that, yes, were I born male I would still paint my nails, wear makeup, and be just as interested in boys, interior decorating, and clothing as I am now. And I would probably spend just as much time on my hair.

This baffles some, I'm sure, and all things considered, I'd rather have her not believe me and still let me live in her house than have her take it to heart and disown me.