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tried to eat the safe banana

My List of Wishes

Do I really need to explain the meme that started this? I do? OK, you can find it here, along with a bunch of memoried wish lists from around fandom.

My List
  1. Anything from my list of bunnies or involving my bullet-proof kinks.

  2. Anything from my Amazon wish list.

  3. A gift of graphics - a custom LJ layout, for example, or an icon, anything along those lines - from someone more visually talented than I am. Which is everyone. I especially wish for graphics things that aren't built around actors or faces. Some things I like that might make good graphics fodder: wombats, dogs, and fish. Astronomy, molecules, and fractals. Sex, smut, and erotica. Old prints, maps, and illustrated manuscripts. Books, words, and grammar. Shades of gray, earth tones, and dark, murky colors.

  4. A donation to Labmed, to help rescued Labrador Retrievers get medical care so they can be adopted. You can make it in your name, in mine ("thefourthvine" is find), or - and this is what I would like best - on behalf of any dog you've loved, Lab or otherwise.

  5. A donation to the Malibu Public Library or any other public library, specifically for the materials budget. This year especially, libraries are in desperate need of money for books, magazines, DVDs, and other materials, and MPL is no exception; MPL is in a wealthy area, but the library itself isn't wealthy. Even small donations translate into books that will be read many times, by all kinds of people.

  6. An extension of my LJ paid user time or pictures.

  7. Slash for the book I, Robot (Powell/Donovan), the movie The Sting (Hooker/Gondorff), the comic book Planetary (Elijah Snow/The Drummer), or the Nero Wolfe series (Panzer/Goodwin). Yes, I hope to be getting one of those for Yuletide, but these are my dream rare fandoms, so I thought I'd mention them again. Know of any stories that already exist for those pairings? Please, please tell me.

  8. Socks. Because I love socks. I have two drawers full, and yet I covet more socks. I have a sock fixation.

  9. Queen-sized sheets and standard pillowcases that are really, really soft. This may actually be an impossible wish - I never seem to be able to find sheets that are truly soft and inviting and comfy - but the whole point of this list is that dreams can come true, right? And I often dream of perfect sheets, so I'm putting it here.

  10. A package sent to me in the mail. It could contain strange local items, mutant (meatless, because I have Meat Issues) foods, a random collection of crap you found around your house, a bunch of CDs you burned for me, stuff from your favorite fandom, wind-up penises and pornographic stationery, whatever. I just like opening packages. A lot.

If you want my address, comment or email me (deepbluesea at postmark dot net). I'll be putting it in a friends-locked post later, but I'm way behind in my friending, so lots of people won't be able to see it there.

Oh, and the list of bunnies and kinks? Is a post that LJ apparently ate, so it will be re-posted soon. It's back-dated, but I'll put a link here.
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