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The Bunny Report: Vids

The Bunny Reports are mostly for my own reference; they're simply lists of things I'd love to see (in this case in vids) but will likely never do myself. I'm going to move them to one central location (hi, LiveJournal!) because I've got all these random scraps of paper around my computer, and it isn't pretty. It looks, in fact, like I'm making a nest here, like maybe I'm expecting my monitor to mate with my CPU and produce little baby Palm Pilots or something. Which I'm not. (Although if they want to, I am all for freedom of pleasure, and I promise to help with late-night programmings or whatever.)

Anyway. Even though right now they're quick-and-dirty, the lists are bound to be better-looking. Also less of a fire hazard.

I'm expecting each Bunny Report to be just the one post, irregularly updated. I haven't done that before, but we all know how wonderful I am with the irregular updating thing - I mean, I am the queen of not being even remotely consistent with the posting - so maybe it'll work. So you don't need to worry; this is the only time the Vid Bunny Report will ever come through on your friends list, no matter how much I add to it.

I'm not backdating or filtering* this original posting, though, because I'm hoping y'all can help me. If you cast your eyes over the list of cut-tags below, you'll notice one that reads, "I know it's here somewhere." Because there are some vids that have to have been made already, and somehow I just missed them. Maybe they came out while my connection was down or while I was in my holier-than-vidding phase or I've just got highly selective amnesia. Whatever. Point is, I'm like Mulder: I know they're out there. And I'm hoping someone can tell me where. So, while I don't imagine this is anyone's idea of pleasure reading, I will love you if you read it. And I can offer eternal worship to anyone who can help me find one of those damn vids.

I don't vid. But I watch enough vids that I get ideas for them, and they haunt me.

The normal solution, or at least "normal" in the context of the insane obsession known as fandom, would be to start vidding. But I can't; I don't have that kind of talent. So I'm hoping writing them down here will have a similar exorcising effect, and that I'll be able to let go of them after this. Also, of course, I'm hoping someone will comment and tell me that all these vids already exist - especially the ones on the first list - and I've been stupidly unable to find them.

Hell, I'd be happy to find just one of them. Because the truth is, most of these are more like lyric wheel songs than vid songs; I don't have the ability to make the vids, after all, so how could I know what would make a good one? I accept, therefore, that no one else is going to agree with me on all these. But surely there must be someone who agrees on one?

Note: the links are to relatively accurate, relatively ad-free (where possible) lyrics pages. Some have tabs. Again, those are there for my reference, but if you can make use of 'em, do. (Well, not like I could stop you.)

Vid Bunnies: I Know You're Out There Somewhere

These are vids that must already exist, probably in many versions. But I can't find them. Whine, whine, whine.

Song Artist Fandom(s) (Incoherent, Rambling) Explanations
All These Things That I've Done The Killers Angel This has to be the quintessential Angel vid song. Every fucking line screams Angel; it practically vids itself - "I'm so much older than I can take"? "I got soul but I'm not a soldier"? "While everyone's lost, the battle is won"? Come on. This song is played every half-hour on the radio, and it's so Angel might as well be introduced by peppy DJs saying "And here's a song about the only broody vampire never to appear in an Anne Rice novel, by The Killers!" So there must be at least fifty vids using it. Why can't I find them?
Stand and Deliver or Prince Charming Adam Ant Pirates of the Caribbean I can't be the only one who looks at Captain Jack Sparrow and sees the Adam Ant (you know, in his "pirate + highwayman + most of the Village People all in one outfit" phase) poster that graced my sister's wall for years way back when. I can't be. Please.
Still the Same Bob Seger Ocean's 11, The Lady Eve, etc. This is - it's just - I can't - wait, starting over. There has to be, at minimum, an Ocean's 11 (probably Tess/Danny, but any combination of Tess, Danny, and Rusty would work) vid using this. And there's no justice unless there's one for The Lady Eve, too. Evidence: "You always won/Every time you placed a bet/You're still damn good/No one's gotten to you yet." "You always said the cards would never do you wrong." "Moving game to game/No one standing in your way/Turning on the charm." Best Beloved thought of this one, by the way. All I supplied was astonished agreement.
Watching the Detectives Elvis Costello Angel I've been looking for this one forever. Angel/Darla or ensemble, this one is just so Angel. The first few seasons, anyway. (Support, although you have to hear the whole song to see the full beauty of it: "She looks so good that he gets down and begs," "He can't be wounded 'cause he's got no heart," "Fear is here to stay. Love is here for a visit.")
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Elvis Costello Angel Angel and Angelus, of course. "Don't you know no one alive can always be an angel?" "Then I know you're bound to see my other side." "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good." "I lie awake long regretting...some sinful thing I've done." And, yes, I know Costello's version is a cover; I just like it best. But I'll take a vid to this song in any flavor.

Vid Bunnies: Laughing by Myself

Just what it says: vids that would make me laugh myself sick. But probably only me, which goes a long way towards explaining why they'll never be made.

Song Artist Fandom(s) (Incoherent, Rambling) Explanations
Smut Tom Lehrer Multifandom I consider this the unofficial theme song of this LiveJournal. I'm not sure it's viddable, actually, but I so badly want it to be. Oz ("stories of tortures used by debauchers") and Queer as Folk ("uncut and unsubtle") are the obvious choices here, but consider "the adventures of a slut" and "when correctly viewed, anything is lewd" - well, I'm just saying there's a lot of fandoms that would fight for inclusion in a vid for this song.
Sexy Thing Hot Chocolate (?) Starsky and Hutch Best Beloved suggested this while we were watching the movie, and now I cannot get it out of my head. It's past explaining.
I Could Never Be Your Woman White Town Lord of the Rings Arwen/Aragorn/Legolas from Legolas's point of view. And to get this, you have to know that I consider LotR to be *the* fandom of inappropriate songs in vids; so many songs don't work for the source, but that doesn't stop people from using them. Well, here's a song in a seriously inappropriate style that, um, if you consider the way Legolas is usually treated in vids, FF, and fandom in general - OK, I can't really explain it. Maybe this is amusing only to me. But it amuses me a lot.

Vid Bunnies: Cliche-Breakers

There are some things that happen so often they're vid cliches. For example, I understand that these days it isn't even a fandom until it's got a "Holding out for a Hero" vid to its name; some fandoms are approaching "Holding out for a Hero" toxicity so severe that the EPA is considering getting involved. And there are cliches that don't involve songs - topics, shots, themes. So these are the vids that would turn a cliche on its head - and, in the process, make it a lot easier for us to face the next fifty "Hallelujah" vids with patience and fortitude.

Song Artist Fandom(s) (Incoherent, Rambling) Explanations
Holding out for a Hero Frou Frou Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy's about the only fandom I've never seen use this song. (I think.) But it's the right fandom for an antidote-vid, because this is one fandom where the girls are the heroes. "Where have all the good men gone"? Angel, walking away from Sunnydale forever. "Where are all the gods"? Wesley in superdork mode. "Streetwise Hercules"? Xander. So very Xander, and any shot of him getting pummeled would work for "fight the rising odds." "White knight/upon a fiery steed" would of course be Spike on a motorcycle. And then Buffy would be the hero in the chorus. It'd be fantastic. Well, in my mind, anyway.
This One's for the Girls ? Lord of the Rings Two cliches in one: the LotR inappropriate song and the girl power vid. Because I can only take so much girl power, but if you make Frodo the girl about 13 and Aragorn the girl about 42 and so on, well, for me it just makes the whole song new and fresh again. And the idea alone makes me giggle like a loon.
Like a Virgin Whoever Farscape You can only watch so many angsty John/Aeryn vids, I'm finding, before you really, really need something a wee bit lighter. This bunny was triggered almost entirely from one image: Aeryn kicking the shit out of John the first time they meet, which is a clip you see in every goddamned J/A vid; it would be fantastic to see that bit set to the line "touched for the very first time." Again, I'm likely the only person who would find this refreshing.
Only the Good Die Young Billy Joel Stargate (And, yes, I do know what the song's about. It works anyway.) Face it; the characters die a lot in Stargate, and they also die a lot in vids. And you see way too many cookie cutter ascension and Jack/Daniel vids, so why not combine them? Jack as the song's narrator, talking to Daniel about the ascension - well, for me it so, so works. Doubt me? I've seen so many SG vids I can almost narrate this one clip by clip, and I will gladly do so if anyone is bored enough to ask. But as examples: the white dress (from the confirmation) would be Glowy Daniel in Abydos; the brand new soul would be the light squid thing in the hospital when Daniel's ascending. Jack's dangerous crowd that ain't too pretty and ain't too proud - well, there's a host of baddish Jack shots (leather jacket, breaking the car windows with a hockey stick, etc.) to choose from. And so on - really, I can go on forever. And, seriously, this would make all those deeply angsty, soulful ascension vids so much easier to take.

* Note: If this whole concept insanely pisses you off, maybe 'cause you hate other people's bunny lists, maybe 'cause you come here only for recs and you surely did not sign up for some crazy lady's rabbit thing to hit your friends list, let me know. I can backdate all the other ones, or I can post them normally but filter you out. I won't be offended, truly, even if it turns out everyone wants to be filtered; as I said, these lists are for me. And also the Fire Marshal, should he ever drop by.
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