tried to eat the safe banana (thefourthvine) wrote,
tried to eat the safe banana

Coming out of the Closet; or, the Secret Life of Recommenders

When I first started this LJ, I had never written FF and had reason to believe I never would.

Really, in retrospect, I should've known better. Eventually, we all write fan fiction; I understand this now.

But to save myself the embarrassment of publicly associating with my FF (and to save you lot from suddenly seeing FF in a recommendations LJ), when I succumbed to the irresistable lure, I did it under a pseudonym. Which is sort of pathetic and sort of psychotic, inasmuch as thefourthvine isn't exactly my real name, so we're talking about a pseudonym for an alias here, and that's just way too recursive to enhance my sanity.

I've posted a fair amount of FF lately - well, for me, anyway - and that's made me think about this whole thing of having a nom de plume for an assumed name for an entity livejournaling as, or whatever, and I've decided it's time to stop with the spy games. For one thing, it's starting to feel vaguely hypocritical; I mean, I recommend FF and rant about the nine million things that I have decreed to be FF sins; seems like I should give people full opportunity to point to my own FF and say, "But you do it, too!" And then there's the fact that some people guessed anyway, to the point where I've wondered if my FF writing is the same kind of secret as an intraoffice affair: something that everyone is politely pretending not to know.

In short, the time has come for me to own up to my writing. So, for the record: I write FF under the name Littera Abactor, whose work can be found at littera_abactor.

No one who reads this should feel obliged to read anything in that LJ, of course. In fact, most of you would probably prefer not to, as the FF I write is nothing like the stuff I recommend. The sample size is still too small - I've written maybe half a dozen stories - but early indications are that I specialize in the weird and the humorous, without many detours in the way of plot or smut. However, if you do read anything, you are naturally free to nitpick, grouse, or poke fun, just as you are here. (And I'll read and love your comments, and still only have about a 50% chance of coming up with a response to them. Also just like here.)

This will stay a recommendations LJ, though; I'll continue to use only the littera_abactor LJ for FF.

So. While we're cleaning out the closet, does anyone else have a secret to share with the class?
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