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Poll: Form and Function

So, I've finished tagging all my entries. Notice my index posts that allow all of you, including anonymous users, access to all my tags.

Notice that they look fucking awful. And the print is tiny, so I'm not even sure anyone will use them. Plus, I seriously do not want these to be the top entries in my journal for however long it takes LJ to put a "Tags" link on the info page; looking at them depresses me, and I'm probably the only person who actually looks at my journal regularly outside of a friends list.

But, on the other hand, I did tag all those posts. I have no idea what the point was if I can't find a way to let everyone use them to search by fandom and theme. So this poll is asking, basically, for you to identify the lesser of the evils, because they all look fairly evil to me at this point.

And while you're here, could you weigh in on other appearance aspects of this journal? I mean, if I'm going to pitch a major wobbler over the hideousness of my index posts, surely I could also spare some time to worry about the fact that my journal is, well, pretty darned hideous? And that it may also make other people's friends lists hideous?

I mean, OK, I'm going to spare that time anyway, so I guess what I really want is for you to spare enough time to form an opinion. I would greatly appreciate it.

But mostly, please god someone tell me what to do about this whole tags issue, because - the horror. The horror. My dogs are averting their eyes from the screen, here. Dust mites are scoffing at my primitive grasp of website design. It's all very very bad and wrong. Help meeeeeee.

Poll #518389 Looking - really bad, actually.

Oh my god. The tag index posts look horrible. What should I do about this?

Screw it. Tag individual entries, but don't give us a tag index. In time, LJ will provide, and in the meantime - please please please spare us from this hideous eyesore.
Move it. Shift the index entries off the front page and just give us a single link to them. Then at least we won't have to see them when we aren't using them.
Bear it. It sucks, but it's only a stop-gap measure, and function beats form any day, right?
Obey me. I have a brilliant solution to this problem, which I will relate to you in the comments so that you may worship me as I deserve.

While you're here, tell me - should I start using cut tags?

OMG yes. Please. I'm begging you. You're the longest entry on my friends list. I don't even care how - just cut tag already.
Yes. Put the intro, the titles, and the links on the front page; cut tag the summaries. We're here for the stories, man, not the verbiage.
Yes. Cut everything after the intro, or maybe even the intro if it's long. I'm maybe not in the mood for recs all the time, thanks.
Yes. But only weird things, like polls and rants. Not recs.
No. I hate having to open a new window, and I'll read it anyway, so it's just one more click toward carpal tunnel.
No. Why bother? Everyone who keeps you on their filter knows you're wordy. And they know how to defriend if they get sick of it.
OMG no. Cut tags will just make your posts more messy and cumbersome.
Other, which I will tell you about in the comments.

So. Layout. Huh.

Oh, totally change it. It will be beautiful and shiny and new, despite your total lack of graphical skills!
Change it. All the cool kids are doing it. And it looks awful on your laptop.
Why throw away what works? Just change the column width, maybe add a sidebar - you know, decorate. Spiff it up a little.
Don't touch it. It will be a disaster. You know this. I know this. Accept it, and the world may yet be saved.
I never see your layout, because I only see you in my friends list, so what does it matter?
I'm so enthused about this layout project that I'll help you! So that your new layout doesn't suck!
I'm so filled with hate by the very thought of a new layout that I will stalk you if you change it!
I have something else to say about your layout. Comments, sister!
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