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14 January 2006 @ 10:05 pm
Look, Ma, More Vids! (Part Three)  
The sad part is, I'm still not done. But this is part three of the Insane Vid Recs Project (no, I did not pick January for this just because of all the Insane January Vidding Projects going around; it's just a happy, crazy coincidence). Feel free to truck on back to parts two and one. You will particularly want to read the explanation of why you should not be taking my vid advice, which is back in the first one. (Short answer: I have no idea what I'm talking about. But I'm enthusiastic. Which unfortunately doesn't really make up for my total lack of any kind of, you know, actual vidding knowledge.)

Before we begin, though, another community rec. You (and, yes, I do mean you specifically) should check out vidder_weekly, a new all-fandoms vidding newsletter that seems to be working like a combination of the standard fandom newsletter - all the vids your bandwidth can handle! - and metafandom, but with just vidding meta. (Yes, there is vidding meta, and the skilled LJer with pretty much infinite time and a mouse finger made of steel and coiled springs can find it on her own. For the rest of us, though, it's nice to have the summary.)

Lord of the Rings

The Vid I Love Even Though the First Time I Watched It I Managed to Screw up So Badly That the Audio and Video Tracks Weren't Synched. I Could Still Tell It Was Good - Seriously, That's How Good It Is. But I Really Loved It After I Fixed My Little Configuration Issue, Let Me Tell You. Desperation Song, by Wolfling, aka wolfling, and Magpie, aka mogigraphia.

Availability: All the time; scroll down until you see it. Also, that thing about emailing Wolfling for the better-quality version of the vid? Do that. The bigger one is gorgeous and wonderful and just so, so much better. Definitely worth the time to drop Wolfling a line. (There's no qualifying test or anything, either; she just emails you the link. I feared some kind of, I don't know, trivia question, or maybe a close examination on the condition of my soul. But, no, turns out not. Which, given my soul, is just as well.)

Sometimes I watch vids and think, "Oh, that song would work in any fandom." Sometimes I think, "Um, vidder? Why did you pick this song for this fandom?" (This is actually a fairly frequent occurrence in LotR vids; I tend to think of this as the Fandom of Inappropriate Song Choices.) But sometimes my thoughts are more along the lines of, "Oh my god so perfect." This is one of those cases; this vid inextricably welded Desperation Song to Lord of the Rings in my mind. (To the point where I have to make a serious mental adjustment when someone uses it in another fandom. I always spend the first thirty seconds going, "But, but, but! Where's Gandalf?") It's just - well, not to belabor a word or anything, but - perfect. If you're not familiar with the song, just consider the title alone. Desperation is pretty much the key note of the entire trilogy - well, that and friendship. (I know. I know. But we're just ignoring the slash for the moment. I realize this is a revolutionary concept coming from me, so feel free to take a moment to wrap your mind around it.) The strength of the trilogy really is the relationships between the characters, and that's what this is about. Plus, you know, havoc, destruction, swords, and rings. Which is also a big part of the trilogy. Look, this is pathetic; I'm on the verge of saying "general-interest vid," which is the lamest term ever, because I can't think of another way to say "like the movies, only shorter." Just - go. Watch. And I'll stay here and contemplate my inadequate vocabulary.

The Vid That Gives Me Extremely Unfortunate AU Ideas. I Mean, Ideas Even Worse Than the One Where Sheppard Is Aragorn and McKay Is Gandalf and Ford Is Frodo and There Is No Sex of Any Kind. I Alone, by Jenn Miller, aka zeromuchjenn.

Availability: All the time.

I have a confession. I love the One Ring. I mean, yes, I know it has, like, a seriously evil, soul-sucking, menacing menace of Menaceville thing going on, but that is why I love it. So small! So pretty! So round and helpless! Except for the way it is totally, totally not. It rises above its handicaps to achieve serious fucking scariness. You have to admire that. Or I do. (My unfortunate AU idea involves re-writing LotR as a tragedy: the plucky little ring overcoming long odds as it desperately works its way back to its one true love, only to have defeat snatched from the jaws of victory by various people who are either much too dirty or much too pretty to be at all trustworthy.) So I have a special folder of vids that pay tribute to the almighty One Ring (we will not at this time discuss the other folder, the one with Ring pairing vids, because really my Ring fixation is already shameful enough), and this is, I think, my favorite. I mean, seriously: who could hear the words "I alone love you, I alone tempt you, fear is not the end of this" and not think One Ring? Okay, possibly the songwriter had something else in mind. But I can't see what. It is the Ring! To the life! And its unhealthy relationships with a wide variety of people! Go watch. And admire the One Ring That Could.

The Vid That Starts with Elvish Titles. It Is the Coolest Thing Ever, and, Um. Did I Just Make My Total Pathetic Geekhood Irrevocably Obvious There? Disappearing Man, by Melina, aka melinafandom, and Jo, aka feochadn. (Sorry, Jo!)

Availability: All the time - scroll down to the LotR section. And if you're going to download all the vids in this post, which I obviously recommend, then keep this page open.

Melina makes gorgeous Lord of the Rings vids. I don't want to devolve into third-rate movie reviewer language here, but, seriously, lyrical is one of the few words I can think of that really describes them. She has a wonderful way of matching movement to music, and of making seamless clips and edits - I can't describe it (well, obviously), and I sure don't know what she's doing, but her vids give me a palpable sensation of being moved through a story the same way I am when read: I don't notice my eyes moving, I don't notice the physical progression, but the movement is there, and the story just flows along with it. For someone as non-visual as I am, that is a rare and wonderful thing. And although I adore every one of her vids and fully intend to rec them all (if you're going to be downloading them now, let me warn you that I cannot even stand to watch "When I Go" right now, because it is somehow even sadder than the Boromir portions of the actual movies), I think this one may be my favorite of hers. I love the way it focuses on just one piece of the trilogy; it's the story of Aragorn, Arwen, Eowyn, and Faramir, and somehow it's a much more moving, coherent tale when it's presented on its own like this. The vid acts as, like, a magnifying glass, turning these three romance arcs into one complete, full story. And in that, Melina does one better than either Tolkien or Peter Jackson, and I love her for it.

(Side note: does anyone have a copy of this song? It's Disappearing Man, by Dave Carter and Tracey Grammer. Please?) Got it, thanks!


The Vid That Probably Makes Best Beloved Somewhat Nervous These Days. Don't Mind Me, by Killa, aka killabeez.

Availability: All the time. Scroll down to the Highlander section. And don't close the page yet. We're not finished.

Killa has a gift, and she uses it for evil. Specifically, she uses it for bending people to her every whim. I just - seriously. Watch her vids and you will develop an interest in her fandoms totally against your will. All her Highlander vids are excellent, but this one is a special favorite of mine, because it is the archetypal slash vid. This - this is how vidders force us to switch our stance on a given pairing from "really, really not interested" to "OTP of great and lasting permanentness, and death to she who violates it in any way." Although, in all honesty, I should warn you that I am perhaps not 100% normal on these things, because, okay, see. I was discussing with Best Beloved which HL vid I'd be recommending, and we had the following conversation:

Me: Oh, Don't Mind Me! That's such a fabulous vid! And it has the best clipping and song lyric choice ever for my favorite Methos/Duncan slashy moment. [Note: Going, um. Solely on vids, of course. There may be better slash moments in the actual canon.]
BB: Oh, the thing where Methos looks like he's going to come from having Duncan's [hee!] sword at his throat?
Me: That's a great moment, but no.
BB: The nose-painting thing? Is that in there?
Me: Partly, and no. Although, again, fine and excellent bit.
BB, making a face of thoughtfulness: One of the [nine million] times Methos obviously checks Duncan out? [Best Beloved is not kidding, here. There are many, many shots in which Methos might just as well be saying, "Oh, to hell with this whole swordfighting thing. Let's spend the rest of eternity fucking. Starting right now, you big lug, you." Often there is a pause in the middle while he inspects something roughly at the level of Duncan's waist. His sword, probably.]
Me, in a tone of voice that may have been, in retrospect, perhaps just the teeniest bit too sincere: No! It's the scene where Methos shoots Duncan.
BB: *surprised face*
Me: It's just very...see, and then he shoots him, and it's just...okay. I think it's a sign of true love.
BB: *look of transfixed horror combined with a kind of "How did I get myself hooked up with this person?" expression*
Me, muttering defiantly: I don't care. It is a wonderful and slashy scene. It is.
BB: *departs, presumably to search the house for guns*

So, you know, obviously I'm not right in the head. But I love the way Killa uses that bit in this one. I also love her other editorial choices, here. Truly, this should be required viewing for all aspiring slash vidders. And Highlander deniers. And also everyone else. (And don't miss the shooting scene, people! It's very romantic! Really!)

(Side note: I also would be delighted if anyone had a copy of this one. Don't Mind Me, by Lucy Kaplansky.) Thanks!

Star Trek

The Vid That Is So Wrong It's Right. Seriously. If You Came up with This Vid, You'd Sedate Yourself, and You Would Be Right to Do So. But Somehow It Works As Few Things Have Ever Worked. It Is One of the Great Mysteries of Vidkind. Closer, by Killa, aka killabeez, and T. Jonesy. Does anyone know if she has a LiveJournal or something?

Availability: All the time. As you might expect, you can find this one in the Star Trek section. And that's it for that page, so you can close it now. Although there are many other excellent vids there. For the record.

I'm hoping every single person out there has already seen this. If you have not, do not read further. Go download and watch this right now. Go. The link is up there, and you will not regret it, and do not give me any crap about how you don't like Star Trek, or you don't know Star Trek, or you can't tell a Klingon from a...whatever the other thing is. (No, really. Don't even try. I had to look up how to spell Klingon and I love this vid.) Spock's the taller, slightly slumpy one who wears too much eyeshadow, and Kirk is the shorter, yellower one, and that's all you need to know. Go on. You will enjoy this even more if you are unspoiled; I was, and I can still taste the shock and joy.

Okay. So now everyone has seen this, yes? So I am spoiling nothing when I say that this is an example of two of my favorite vid genres. First, we have the "There's no rational way that could work in this fandom, and yet somehow..." genre, which applies to everything in this vid, from song choice to concept to the sepia tone. Sepia! In science fiction! No. Except, oh my god yes. And then we have the "changing the meaning and tone of the canon completely" thing, which, again, yes. I just - I really like that, okay? I love that someone can take source that is (Am I allowed to say this? Will it instigate a riot?) a wee bit cheesy (And, look. If you are going for the pitchforks and torches right now, keep in mind that I've just seen the one episode, and it was from early in the first season, so maybe later on they got a production budget. Also, I'm entirely willing to grant that that woman's hair probably looked cooler in the 1960s. And, you know, the writing - which was basically fan fiction, minus the actual sex-orgy-angst - made it well worth the overexposure to aluminum foil.) and turn it into - well, this. I mean, Jesus Christ. Spock does things to Kirk that I am quite certain he never did in the canon, and yet I could almost swear they show it in the vid. (I know they didn't. But I still think of this vid as the one with the non-con buttsex, which shows how suggestive really effective cutting and song choice can be.)

Ocean's 11

The Vid That Makes It Very Clear That Rusty Needs Only One Thing, by Which I Mean Only One Person, and No, That Is Not Just My Personal Bias Speaking. Or It Might Be, but If It Is, Don't Tell Me. Let Me Stay in My Happy Place, Okay? Tumbling Dice, by Gwyneth, aka gwyn_r.

Availability: All the time. You will need to email Gwyn for a password. It's worth it, I promise. And she has many excellent vids, including one I hope to be recommending very soon, so, really, you might as well get the password now.

The thing about Ocean's 11 that is very hard to address in fan fiction is the, um, feel of the movie. I don't really know how else to describe it. (Actually, this is something that's true in lots of fandoms; the vids convey the feel of the canon better than the FF can. It's one of the many reasons why I strongly advocate vid watching for those of us who may never see the canon even though we read a lot of the FF.) And for me, Ocean's 11 feels - retro. Not, like, old-fashioned, but deliberately, intensely retro. (It could just be Rusty's shirts, which are an education in the shinier periods in the history of men's fashion, but I don't think so. It's the lighting. And, um, stuff.) And I really like it when vids acknowledge that or play with it, which is exactly what this one does, from the font of the credits through the nifty sliding-screen thingy (um, I don't know the term for it, but when the screen slides to change clips, that's what I'm talking about) to the music. (And oh my god. I just watched this vid for the nth time to find out what the music was, and it's the Rolling Stones. Thank god I checked that before I used the phrase "vaguely country, vaguely funky music," as I am pretty sure that's not an appropriate way to describe, you know, these guys. Who I have nearly forgiven for being my mother's favorite band. I'm working on it, anyway.) And this vid focuses on my own personal favorite aspect of Ocean's 11, which, um - did I need to tell anyone that that was the pairing? No. Okay. I love the way Gwyn captures just about every eyefuck and do-me-do-me-now look between Danny and Rusty and then backs them up with the music in such a way that, to me, Rusty seems to be asking Danny to roll him. And I could give you other reasons for watching this vid, but after that, do you need them? I mean, loads of retro + scads of sexual tension = Ocean's 11 to the life + very compelling reason to watch this vid. An equation of sheer sexy joy!

The Vid That Will Remind You of That One Time (Surely It Was Just the One Time, Right?) When You Took Some Moderately Illicit Chemicals. Do Not Adjust Your Monitor. It's the Vidder Who Is on Speed, Not You. Would You?, by Shalott, aka astolat.

Availability: All the time. Scroll on down.

Okay, let's get the disclaimer portion of this out of the first, shall we? See, I have, um, beliefs about Ocean's 11. The movie, I mean. Like, to me the whole caper seems basically like Danny's sorry-gift to Rusty. Sort of like flowers, except instead it's the vault of three casinos. And because of the way this vid starts out and the song it uses, I tend to see it as supporting my point of view. Extensively. But I am not, you know, totally biased; I can also see the vid Shalott actually did make in here. It's a general interest vid! (Yes, my vocabulary is still inadequate. Someone want to give me a Vidding Word a Day desk calendar?) And shiny! And it uses a song that is just perfectly suited to the source, what with the retro and sort of, um, brassy sound. (Seriously. I need that calendar.) And also there's the whacked-out thing with speed (not the drug, the, um, passage of time thing) that Shalott did. I mean, who makes a vid where most of the shots are speeded way, way up? Well, Shalott, apparently. And it works; this is another one that feels just like the movie. The pacing matches, somehow. That's pretty much what Ocean's 11 was - a lot of shiny stuff going by really really fast so that no one would, um, think about it too closely, and then everything slowing way, way down when two people looked at each other. (Like, for example, Danny and Rusty. Not that it was only them! No! I understand that it was everyone, that the glory of a movie like this isn't the plot but the people and how they work and play together. All the people. Not just, you know, two guys who happened to have enough sexual chemistry that they required their own OSHA regulations.) So this is one of those vidding concepts that would never work on paper but that works wonderfully in practice. You want this vid. Almost as much as Danny and Rusty want each other.
tried to eat the safe banana: I sleep with computers.thefourthvine on January 14th, 2006 11:19 pm (UTC)
But it's possible they were all centered around Amanda.

Ooo, Killa has some excellent Amanda ones, too. (Which was confusing for me when I started watching vids. I only knew what I remembered from confused viewings of the movie, which was back when I did not really understand movies. Unsurprisingly, it turns out I was mostly wrong about what I did remember. So I was all - who is this? I ended up liking her, though, because she does not seem to be all emo about immortality.)

I am, tragically, on dialup

*installs broadband in your house using only the power of her mind*

Scully isn't looking at Mulder fondly so much as you are deeply fucked and this is for your own good. And then she NURSES him back to HEALTH. Sort of. In reality she shoves him in a car and drives him to New Mexico, but SAME THING.

Oh my god. I now have an OTP in a fandom I have never read and likely will never read. You are so evil. But...but...she shoots him (And, I mean, it's the girl who uses a gun like that - how cool is that? How much does it totally make her the take-charge, level-playing-field kind of woman I want in my het? Or maybe that's just my imagination.) and then drives him to NM. I just - I. Oh. Oh.
all right, so you're nonchalant: scully sees crazy peoplerunpunkrun on January 15th, 2006 12:42 am (UTC)
All I knew about Amanda came from what little HL fic I'd read, and all of it seemed to involve her in threesomes with Duncan and Methos, so...I was totally lost while watching the vids. She's apparently a master of disguise?

Scully and Mulder were my first OTP -- back in the dark ages before "OTP" even existed -- and they had a very slashy dynamic, lots of yearning, lots of soulful looks, but they couldn't! because they worked together! they were partners! also Mulder was prone to doing stupid shit like drilling a hole in his head in order to access the lost memories of his missing sister! and Scully was too reasonable to put up with that kind of insanity! Even though she totally did because Mulder might have been an idiot, but he was her *partner* and she'd do anything for him.

They were equals. Scully was totally kick ass. She had to rescue Mulder just as often as he had to rescue her...if not more. Once a season they'd touch hands and we'd all go nuts because it was proof of their Deep Abiding Love. Oh, good times, good times.
The Black Kitten: Nobility - Sacrifice - Chocolate: tifa - stained glasslaylah on January 15th, 2006 12:01 pm (UTC)
Amanda is -- has apparently been, for centuries -- a thief. So she gets to do lots of fun things with disguises and sneaking around places and having Brilliant Schemes that often don't quite work. Because her episodes are usually more comic than angsty, which is one of the reasons to be happy when she shows up.

My favorite vid about the three of them -- Amanda, Duncan, and Methos -- is Killa & Carol S.'s "Opportunities," which is a constructed reality thing in which all three of them run around stealing stuff together, and it's adorable.

*two cents*
tried to eat the safe banana: Fan servicethefourthvine on January 15th, 2006 01:50 pm (UTC)
OMG Opportunities is just the best vid ever. Constructed reality, and just - ooo. I didn't rec it here because it's kind of confusing to have a constructed reality be the only vid you rec for a fandom, but oh how I want to rec it at some point in the future. Because it is so cool.

You've seen the better quality version of it, right? Because Killa uploaded one to her page a while back, and while the vid is good at any size, it's just really wonderful to see it all big and shiny.

(Shameful confession: I totally want to read fic based on that vid. I don't even read actual Highlander, and yet I want to read about three people merrily stealing their way through immortality. I...I am a very bad person, obviously.)
The Black Kitten: Nobility - Sacrifice - Chocolate: squee!laylah on January 15th, 2006 01:59 pm (UTC)
Ooh, no, I downloaded it ages ago, so if there's a new higher-quality one I should go snag that. yay!

I would totally read fic based on that vid, too. Especially if it were by, say, elynross, who has a great feel for the HL characters in playful situations. I only flirted with the fandom really briefly, but I would still go back and read some of her stuff just for its own sake. Like Whistling in the Dark, which is one of my all-time favorite stories about having a good day in whch everything goes wrong. Requires next to no canon knowledge and totally demonstrates why she has totally the sense of humor that would be necessary to write "Opportunities" fic.
tried to eat the safe bananathefourthvine on January 15th, 2006 01:47 pm (UTC)
also Mulder was prone to doing stupid shit like drilling a hole in his head in order to access the lost memories of his missing sister!

...He did what, now? They showed trepanning on television?

*eyes Mulder warily, for clearly he is far crazier than any vid has yet suggested*

Also, I want you to know that I am apparently very suggestible, as I am now swooning from the Mulder/Scully love. Being totally unfamiliar with the characters is apparently something I'm willing to ignore! Because she's sensible! And he's, um, sort of crazy! And they love each other so much OMG.

Okay. I need to lie down for a bit. Obviously. This hysterical Mulder/Scully fangirling must stop now. (But OMG they can't love each other but they do anyway! Eeee!)

Once a season they'd touch hands and we'd all go nuts because it was proof of their Deep Abiding Love.

Yes! And in the vids I've seen, they both look so uncomfortable with touching, like they would much rather just get shot again, and so they'll, like, hug, and it will look like the biggest deal ever.

Although, wait. Didn't they take this into the canon at some point? Because I totally prefer my pairings implied but never realized. Plus, it would take a lot of the good out of this if they stopped, you know, resisting the love.
Azure Jane Lunatic: without youazurelunatic on January 16th, 2006 01:17 pm (UTC)
Watch up through the movie and you will be so satisfied. I think the season after the movie is decent too ... anyway, keep watching up until Mulder disappears off the regular cast and they get that Dog-guy in.

Watch, adore, and prepare to scream as Chris Carter taunts you with the potential of seeing your OTP have their UST resolved, but taunts so very unfairly.

... and if I go on like this much longer I'm in danger of watching Fight the Future when I should be out doing things.
all right, so you're nonchalant: scully sees crazy peoplerunpunkrun on January 18th, 2006 03:52 pm (UTC)
Mulder is batshit. Not only did he drill a hole in his head that ep, he was high on ketamine or something, and tried to shoot Scully. And not in the OTP way.

Although, wait. Didn't they take this into the canon at some point?

The answer to this is...sort of. There was the one ep that showed Scully skulking out of Mulder's bedroom mostly dressed, leaving Mulder mostly naked and tangled in his sheets. They NEVER explained that. That was the ep Gillian Anderson wrote and directed, so god (i.e. Chris Carter) only knows if that's considered canon or if it was just a fluke or what.

Scully, mysteriously, ends up pregnant in the later seasons. NO ONE takes responsibility for this. Even in the credits it's listed as "Scully's baby."

So, basically, up until, well, the last two seasons or so, the UST is still there, going strong. Mulder and Scully totally make out in the series finale, but it's still kind of thrilling because it's mostly the first time they've done anything like that.

I think it's safe to say their UST lasts at least six seasons, if not longer.
rydra_wong on January 15th, 2006 02:22 am (UTC)
And, I mean, it's the girl who uses a gun like that - how cool is that? How much does it totally make her the take-charge, level-playing-field kind of woman I want in my het? Or maybe that's just my imagination.

This is another reason why you have to watch Farscape. Because Aeryn, at a similar moment, smashes John across the jaw with her gun and knocks him out cold.
tried to eat the safe banana: Big eyesthefourthvine on January 15th, 2006 01:57 pm (UTC)
See, and yes. This is why I have love for Aeryn. (And I loved John pretty much from the moment he walked onto the bridge and said, "Hi!" He's enthusiastic! He's read too much SF! He's a total geek! You have to love that. Plus he fixed the little scutter-thing. So very, very wonderful.) She kicks his ass, and he uses his brain; it doesn't get any better than that.

So, I mean, I really liked the first episode.

I just...bad things happen to them, and I am greatly afeared. Plus I hear that even worse things happen to them in the fic; Farscape is rumored to be a rather dark fandom. And I like my happy endings, I'll have you know.

But. Okay.

*takes a deep breath*

I'll watch another one. The second one. This weekend.

*hopes you are deeply impressed with her courage*

Because they really are wonderful characters. And surely the canon will not be, you know, totally cruel. Right? Right?
rydra_wong on January 15th, 2006 02:42 pm (UTC)
*hopes you are deeply impressed with her courage*

*is deeply impressed*

Actually, most of the first season is "Farscape Lite" (to quote the sagacious Ben Browder), so you can ease into it. The show didn't really hit its stride and start on the big arcs until towards the end of the first season.

Plus he fixed the little scutter-thing. So very, very wonderful.

Ah, John's relationship with the DRDs (the little scutter-things) is a whole ongoing saga of wonderfulness.

And surely the canon will not be, you know, totally cruel.

Um. How can I put this?

Not ... totally.

Really bad things do happen to the characters, and there are consequences and permanent effects and there's no "everything back to normal for the next ep" re-set button. You need to know this.

But it's not a depressing show to watch, at all. It's cruel, not bleak. And the characters just get more and more wonderful, and the whole show shines like this beautiful fractured crazy diamond, and they ended it right.

And I hate to gush like this.



Such a fantastic show.
grime and livestockcofax7 on January 29th, 2006 11:26 am (UTC)
What she said.

And you know, sure, there's dark fic in Farscape. But you don't have to read it... (::hides all of my FS fic except for Holiday::)
Blue: Scully - Grocery Listblue_meridian on January 15th, 2006 06:27 am (UTC)
Scully is awesome. She had the best "What the fuck are you thinking?!" looks on tv, I swear. And she never, ever screams like a girl. That's Mulder's job.

I'm also among the poor, dialup users but am chipperly crippling the hell out of it to download some of these. Gah. Can't.. resist...

(Thank god for download managers. *g*)
tried to eat the safe banana: The world is my fandomthefourthvine on January 15th, 2006 02:02 pm (UTC)
Scully is awesome. She had the best "What the fuck are you thinking?!" looks on tv, I swear. And she never, ever screams like a girl. That's Mulder's job.

NO MORE MAKING ME LOVE THEM. I mean it. This must stop. (But - OMG, Mulder screams like a girl! Scully seems like she might be sarcastic and skeptical! Eeee!) I cannot possibly watch the X-Files. I cannot possibly back-engineer the canon. No X-Files for me! I am not kidding!

I'm also among the poor, dialup users but am chipperly crippling the hell out of it to download some of these.

Yay! I mean, boo for dialup, but these vids are well worth the download.

*sends your connection speedy, speedy thoughts*
in a sexy Way: scully - *nosescrunch*alpheratz on January 15th, 2006 07:41 pm (UTC)
Mulder is way more sarcastic than she is (not to say that Scully lacks a sense of humour, but Mulder dry wit is really something), but Scully is very skeptical. She kicks ass -- in the first season or two she was moderately restrained with The Eyebrow, but after that, it went mostly like this:

Mulder: *spouts off insane theory, which usually turns out to be right on the money, but no matter*
Scully: *eyebrows* *pwns him with Science*

Pretty much everyone crushes on Scully.
(no subject) - azurelunatic on January 16th, 2006 01:19 pm (UTC) (Expand)