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Poll: Vid Permissions

Recently, I have been doing some codeine-enhanced pondering of vids - specifically, linking to them or recommending them, and how we do that, and how we get permission to do that. (This was inspired by a discussion with someone, but I won't be mentioning her name unless she indicates that she wants me to.) Because in media fandom, my understanding is that fannish etiquette requires you to ask permission before you link to or recommend a vid. But I could be wrong. I have yet to get my hands on miss_manners161's Guide to Fannish Etiquette. That thing is so damned hard to find.

So, in the absence of a definitive ruling, I thought I'd ask vidders.

There aren't, however, a lot of vidders reading this LJ, I don't think. And I'd like to get responses from as wide a cross-section of the vid-making community as possible. So, if you are a vidder (or, as AMV people put it, editor) - or if you aren't, but a lot of vidders read your LJ, or if you have the password to the Secret Clubhouse where all the cool vidkids hang out - could you please link to or pimp this? Great would be my joy and appreciation.

Obviously, only those with LJ accounts can take this poll, but anyone can comment anonymously. (Or, heck, email me if you like - thefourthvine at livejournal dot com will find me.)

And, just to repeat: this poll is for those who have vidded only. There will be a poll for non-vidders, though, coming soon.

Poll #796561 For Vidders

Oh, vidders. You know you want to hit this.

I am a vidder, and I am taking this poll.

Thou art a vidder, I say! Confess: how long have you engaged in this sordid practice?

Less than a year. I still have that new vidder smell!
1-2 years. My hard drives probably still have some space on them, even.
3-5 years. Sadder, but wiser. (Wiser about what? Discuss.)
6-10 years. I was vidding back when we had to walk uphill in the snow to edit. Barefoot! Both ways! With VCRs, maybe even!
11-20 years. Time flies when you're keeping up with technology.
21+ years. The average fangirl was not yet born when I began to vid.

For every vid, there is an audience. How do you find yours? In other words, how do you announce or publicize your vid?

I post to my own personal LJ, where all my fans lurk.
I post to LJ communities, where all the source's fans lurk. (Or just vid fans in general, in some cases.)
I post to an email list. (Which one? I know nothing of vidding-by-email.)
I post to a message board or forum, where there are many intelligent people interested in vids or the source, and also that one idiot who thinks it's a porn site.
I post to my own personal website and let Google do the rest. (Or, in the case of an unindexed site, I post and then openly mock Google.)
I post to a website that I don't own. (This does not mean you upload to a website not your own. We'll get there. Patience, grasshopper.)
Through cons - shows, competitions, locking people in a room with a DVD player, a TV, and my vids. That kind of thing.
I don't announce or publicize my vids at all. (Please elaborate on how people actually find your vids in the comments.)
I defy your checkboxes. Only a text box can encompass the originality of my announcement scheme!

Far be it from me to deny you your text box. Feel free to explain your announcement or publicity schemes in your own words here.

How do you host or distribute your vids? Please only check the ways you currently do it; if you've done it other ways before, feel free to discuss that in the comments.

I pay for personal webspace and bandwidth. My vids are there. There is off-clicking, followed by saving-as. It is the tradition of my people.
Someone else pays for personal webspace and bandwidth and hosts my vids there, because that person is cool. Or crazy. Or bored. I don't know; I don't look gift bandwidth in the mouth.
I upload to a vid hosting site, like Farscape Fantasy or
I use a free website host, like GeoCities, along with many novel methods to evade file size or bandwidth limits.
I use a free file hosting service, like YSI or Sendspace.
I use a paid file hosting service or a paid account on a free service.
I upload to a streaming site (YouTube or similar). This only counts if you upload your own vids.
By mail for free. (In other words, you eat the cost of the media and the shipping.)
By mail at cost. (The recipient pays only the cost of the media and the shipping. There is no added charge for your time or the source or etc.)
By mail at a price above the cost of the media and the shipping.
At cons.
I don't distribute my vids. If you wish to see them, you will need to come to my house and sit in front of my computer.
These are check boxes of oppression. I demand a text box!

I support text entry options. Feel free to explain your distribution methods right here.

Are your vids password protected or otherwise secured?


And now we've reached the chewy center of this poll: permission. Specifically, we're talking about people asking for your permission before they link to your vid announcement.

Permission is necessary. If someone links to my announcement without permission, I will lock, protect, delete, or move said announcement.
Permission is necessary, but it's too complicated to lock/delete/move/etc. if someone doesn't ask.
Permission isn't necessary, but I would rather people asked.
Permission isn't necessary and I would prefer it if people did not ask. All in all, it's just one more email in my inbox.
People ask for permission before they link to vid announcements? Um. This is news to me.
I will express my opinion on this topic in the comments.

Do you ask for permission before you link to other people's vid announcements?

Never. Um. Why would I?
I do if the announcement says, "no linking without permission." I can read! I can follow basic instructions! Mostly!
I do if the site is password protected.
I do if the vidder is paying for the bandwidth.
I do if I don't know the vidder I'm linking to. There is honor amongst vidders, I'll have you know.
I do if the urge takes me. I am flighty like a bumblebee! Except that I do not sting. Or maybe I do. You'll never know until it's too late.
I always do.
I don't link to vids. Not ever. I am the internet equivalent of a cul-de-sac.
I'm going to discuss this topic in the comments.

If you think permission is important, necessary, or at least nice, why?

Bandwidth and cost issues.
Ownership issues.
Public exposure issues. (I very nearly typed "pubic exposure," which would be a whole other deal.)
Fannish etiquette.
Notification. In other words, it isn't so much "may I" as "FYI: I'm going to."
To make sure the vid is available when I post the link.
Other reasons, which I will list in the comments.

Out of curiosity, does anyone feel like agreeing with this? Know that if anyone does select the first button, I might very well post a list of people whose vids are free for recommending or (mannerly) linking on LJ.

I give permission to anyone to rec or link to my vid LJ posts, vid website, or site entry page. (Obviously, basic fannish etiquette still applies - no hotlinking, no unattributed links, no claiming my work as your own, etc.)
I do not give said permission. (I won't post a list of people who check this box, by the way.)
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