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Poll and Miscellany

Three things, almost entirely content free. (But one of them is a poll! There will be clicking, and that's always fun, right?)

I swear I will have actual content in this LJ again. Eventually. In the meantime -
  1. Remember the poll? Um, this one? Thanks to everyone who took it, by the way, and I am slowly working my way through the comments, because they are meaty and thought-filled and fun. And I'm knee-deep in meta about it, but it's taken a strange turn. So I'm hoping that some of you will do my a favor, and run a poll like this one:

    Poll #831564 Fan archetypes.

    This is sort of like a Sorting Hat deal, only - not. In your opinion - ignore my own opinion, please - what fan archetype am I, TFV? All answers cheerfully accepted; it's not like any of these is a bad archetype. I don't have, like, Fan Villain on here or anything.

    Baaaaaaaby animal: I've been in fandom less than a year, so I don't know what I'll be yet.
    Camel: I sometimes don't have any fandom at all. And then I get to an oasis and get into it again.
    Canadian goose: I mate for life; I've only ever had one fandom, and I've had that fandom for more than two years.
    Gorilla: I have a select group of 3 - 6 fandoms that I stick by.
    Human: I have one true fandom, but I, um, see other fandoms from time to time.
    Hummingbird: I dart from fandom to fandom. Nothing holds my attention for long. I've had many, many fandoms.
    Lone wolf: I have a teeny true fandom, so I supplement with other, larger fandoms.
    Magpie: I love the shiny, and I'm always picking up new fandoms, but I keep the old ones back at the nest. I have many, many fandoms.
    Swallow: I migrate back and forth between two fandoms.
    Turtle: I move from fandom to fandom, but very slowly.
    Zoologist: I'm a fan of fandom, not of any specific one.
    Chimera: some combination of the above.
    Fantastic beast: none of the above.

    Basically, I want you to ask your friends what archetype they think you are. (I've alphabetized the archetypes to make finding them easier.) And while you're here, please do pick mine; I'm truly curious to see if there's a difference between how I see myself and how others see me. (In this sense only. I'm not crazy.)

    Sadly, I don't have bribes to offer. But if you do run a poll like this, and you also drop me a link in the comments here, I will be forever grateful. And you will be furthering the cause of meta. (I know, I know, it's not precisely ever fan's dream, but - stay with me, here, okay?)

  2. This is driving me insane, so - okay. I collect what I call genderswapped songs. Although, really, I should call them ungenderswapped songs - the song is covered by a singer of a different sex than the original one, but no gendered element of the song is changed. I have one song by Cam Clarke, from Inside Out, which is a whole CD of songs just like this. (The one I have is Son of a Preacher Man.) And I cannot find the whole CD anywhere. Does anyone have a copy of this? Or know where I can get a copy of this? I am experiencing the anguish of the thwarted collector, and it is not pretty.

  3. This is more of a bonus item; I found it interesting. If any of you watch AMVs - and if you don't, why not? - you might want to take a look at this AMV-related survey.
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