tried to eat the safe banana (thefourthvine) wrote,
tried to eat the safe banana


Those of you who like to watch streaming vids might want to check out the IMEEM vidding community (or whatever it is they call communities over there). A number of vidders have uploaded their vids on IMEEM - it's an easy way to watch vids (in better-than-YouTube quality) and leave feedback. Come play!

And if you're a vidder and you've uploaded your vids, I'd love to hear about it. (Although please don't stop offering downloadable versions, too; I like having my favorite vids on my very own hard drive, so I can cuddle up to them on cold winter nights.)

I'm there, too! As an extra special bonus, if you come early, you will almost certainly get to see the horrible results of me playing around with a place I don't understand. Possibly there will be random posts containing only punctuation! Or hideous social blunders! Or I might make something explode! Really, there's no way to tell when I'm in the "Ooo, what does this do?" phase of exploration, as at least one chemistry lab teacher, a group of military police, and our ex-garage door can all attest. (Pathetic, but true.)
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