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tried to eat the safe banana

Yuletide Is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's taken me three years, but I've finally gotten this post-Yuletide wrap-up thing down. First you post about the story you got, then you post about the story (or, in my case stories - oh my god I wrote a pinch hit!) you wrote, am I right?

I got:

Nice Work If You Can Get It. I, Robot, Donovan/Powell. I've been requesting this fandom since my first Yuletide, and this story was worth waiting three years for. It is awesome in every way - Asimov Plus, is the way I summarized it in my comment to my Santa. Because there's all the joy of whackjob robots and the lovely Donovan and Powell dynamic, but in this story it's modernized and made three-dimensional and real. Somehow, my Santa managed to write the characters I've been reading all along, even though they're considerably more human (and way more gay) than in the canon, and that is truly Yuletide magic.

(Oh, and it's pre-canon, and it functions as a standalone short story. So even if you don't know the I, Robot stories, you can read this one, and I think SGA fans might enjoy it especially. For various reasons.)

Next week: the stories I wrote, plus a return to actual recommending. (Provided I can remember how to do it, that is.)

And I hope you all have a great finish to your year. Thank you for being wonderful to me this year - for sending me such gorgeous holiday cards (except in brooklinegirl's case - BLG, thank you for sending me such a sick, sick holiday card, and also, please get help), for reading my LJ, for taking my random polls, for feedbacking the writers and vidders I've recommended, for leaving me comments that made me very happy, and for just generally being you.

*sniffles emotionally*

Fandom, I love you! Will you marry me?
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