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tried to eat the safe banana

Sweet Charity

I signed up for Sweet Charity! I'm offering, um, recs. It's what I have to offer. And it's for an excellent cause - the Writer's Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund, to help non-WGA workers who have been laid off because of the strike. So, you know, there's a genuinely good reason to bid. On me, maybe even. (I'm seriously wondering if anyone will bid on me, but: good cause! Also, recs for you!)

My offer, quoted from the site:
I'll do one recs set of at least four stories or vids or pieces of art in my usual style. (You can see what that's like at You get to pick the fandom or the theme. (Probably not both.) I'm willing to do any of the fandoms or themes listed below, and if you have an idea for something else, feel free to suggest it - just please have a choice from the list, too, or check with me before you bid.

I won't rec specific stories, and I probably can't meet requests for specific pairings (unless you happen to want one of my OTPs, in which case I totally can).

Possible fandoms: Angel the Series, Anime, Art, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, DCU, Dark Is Rising, Dead Zone, Doctor Who, due South, Farscape, Harry Potter, Hercules, Hikaru no Go, Hitchhiker's Guide, Highlander, Marvel Universe, Master and Commander, Ocean's 11, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sentinel, Small Fandoms, Smallville, Sports Night, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG1, Supernatural, Torchwood, Vids.

Possible themes: Alternate Universes, Amnesia, Animals, Attire, Bad Days, Bad Things, Body and Gender Shenanigans, Breaking Up, Cliches and Crack, Coming Out, Crossovers, Death, Documents, Dreams and Sleep, Established Relationships, Evil, Family, Fast Fic, First Times, Five Things, Food, Gen, History, Humor, In Public, Intoxication, Kidfic, Kink, Kissing, Language, Longer Stories, Masturbation, Meta, Numbers, PWP, Rare Pairings, Ratings Below NC-17, Religion, Secrets and Lies, Series, Small Fandoms, Surprise, Things That Never Happened, Threes, Travel and Transportation, Watching.
And l will add that I will try hard to meet any special requests you might have.

(Remember: good cause!)
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