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Administrative: Opt-in Filters

Sorry, non-earthling filter people! I accidentally posted the earthling voting story unlocked. Which makes this a good time to do some housekeeping, I think.

Almost a year ago, I ran a poll asking people if they wanted to be on my pregnancy filter. That filter became, in the fullness of time, the baby filter. And it's been a while since I asked if people wanted to be on it (it's totally opt-in, and anyone who has me friended (for ease of adding) can be on it; I just don't want to clutter people's friends lists with pictures of my kid unless that's what they want). Or off it.

So. To save my sanity, I'm reinserting that old poll. If you've already taken it, you're already on the earthling filter. (Unless you haven't been seeing the posts, in which case there's some kind of administrative error on my part. Please comment and say so!) If you want to be on the earthling filter and you're not, the way ahead of you is clear.

Poll #1097994 Future Earthling Filter Opt-in

Do you want to be on the pregnancy (and result-of-pregnancy) filter?

Yes. Sign me up!
Oops. I didn't mean to click. Don't sign me up.

But perhaps you are on the earthling filter and wish you were not! If so, this poll is for you:

Poll #1291677 Earthling filter opt-out

Do you want off the earthling filter?

Yes. Please take me off!
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