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My Shame Is TL;DR

Loaded to the gunwale with superpowered quake-stuff to make your withers quiver.

tried to eat the safe banana
17 November 1973
External Services:
  • thefourthvine@livejournal.com
Who: Me, a purveyor of high-quality smut and low-quality snark. I was once also known as littera_abactor; on that journal, you'll find my older fan fiction and non-fandom posts. These days, my fan fiction is at The Archive of Our Own, and my non-fandom posts are right here.
What: I nominate the very best in fan fiction for the very silliest of pretend awards, the Slashy.
How: Via a mystical process involving a keyboard, key limes, 100% wool handspun yarn, a metronome, and a Labrador Retriever.
Why: It's a compulsion, really. I'm trying to work out some kind of medication schedule that will take care of this.
When: When the thyme is ripe.
Where: Here. Also here.


By all means, friend me; I will rejoice. If you're reading this LJ regularly or you've friended me, I'd like it if you'd comment from time to time - about something I wrote, about the weather, about a miracle cure for grouchiness - so that I can get to know you, but you don't have to. Lurkers get love here, too.

If you got to this page because I friended you, I like your recs, your stories, or both. Or, you know, maybe I just like you. If you write fic, it's possible that I recently recommended one of your stories; I try to friend everyone I rec.

Friends Lock

I lock real life posts, but they're open to all. If you want to read about my kid, the redoubtable earthling, fill out the poll here or drop me a line, and I will add you to the earthling filter.

My recs and meta are always unlocked.


I am the world's shittiest commenter; I suck at leaving them, and I suck at replying to them. But I try hard, "try" being the key word, there. If I don't reply to a comment you left, believe me, I still read it and loved it and cuddled it to my heart; RL just ate up the time I had for replying to it.

If you read a story I recommend, I'd like to hear about it; in particular, I'd like to know if you enjoyed it or not. If my suggestions cause you to read something outside your normal fan fiction horizons, I would love to hear about that. And if a link is broken - inevitable but regrettable - please comment and I'll fix it if I can. (Some stories disappear for good, sad to say.)

If you read this LJ but you don't want to comment or you don't have a LJ at all, I'd love to hear from you anonymously or by email. The @livejournal.com address above will find me wherever I roam. Supposedly. And I make a huge effort to reply to the emails I get; if you send one and don't hear back from me in a few days, please let me know via a comment somewhere.


You are welcome to link to anything I post in this journal that is not locked or filtered; if I want something to stay between me and my friends list, I'll put it under lock. If you do link to something here - well, thank you for liking it enough to link to it. And if you get a chance, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know - just with a comment or an email saying, "Hey! I linked to you [here]." But if you don't have time, not to worry; Herne the Hunter won't come for you or anything.

If you arrive here via link in a community or other LJ, again, I'd love it if you told me about it. But, again, it isn't a duty or anything. This is pretty much a duty-free zone.


If your story is nominated in this LJ, that means I loved it. Please don't take offense; none is offered. Really. This is all about love, people - love and peace, to quote a man much crazier (and better at dodging bullets) than I am.